2024 Ford Transit Review

The 2024 Ford Transit represents a flexible and dependable commercial vehicle designed to cater to various business requirements. This vehicle's spacious interior and cutting-edge technology deliver convenient transportation solutions. Whether carrying goods or transporting passengers, the 2024 Ford Transit is a reliable option for businesses searching for practicality and contemporary conveniences.

Walkthrough Review

Explore the interior of the 2024 Ford Transit, where state-of-the-art technology commands the spotlight. The SYNC 4 system features a 12-inch touchscreen complemented by an 8-inch digital gauge cluster for personalized data display. The cutting-edge 5G connection ensures top-notch navigation performance and swift over-the-air updates. With Fordpass Connect on board, you can enjoy a Wi-Fi Hotspot boasting an impressive range of up to 50 feet. Notably, the new Delivery Assist system streamlines security tasks, such as engine shutdown when parking, while the Upfit Integration System simplifies the control of aftermarket equipment. The Transit Trail van showcases standard Fark Palazzo gray cloth upholstery and 4-way manual swivel driver and passenger seats.

The 2024 Ford Transit is undergoing an extensive redesign, promising enhancements to elevate its exterior. Allow me to introduce the 2024 Ford Transit Trail van, meticulously engineered for exhilarating adventures and distinguished by unique features such as a 3.5-inch body lift, elevated ground clearance, and standard all-terrain tires, rendering it an exceptional companion for exploration. Engineered to tackle both roads and off-road trails, it proudly features a 3.5-inch body lift, improved ground clearance, enhanced approach and departure angles, and a specialized skid plate-style front bumper, offering optimal protection during off-road excursions. Additionally, including the Maxxair Deluxe roof vent enhances airflow, temperature regulation, and condensation control within the van.

The 2024 Ford Transit is set to deliver enhanced performance capabilities. With upgrades like an improved front axle and a lighter chassis, these commercial vans will be able to transport more cargo than ever before. These enhancements boost cargo capacity and improve maneuverability in tight spaces, making navigating narrow alleys more manageable. The 2024 Ford Transit Cargo Van stands out as the dependable and rugged choice, capable of accommodating payloads of up to 9,396 pounds and providing a generous 487.3 cubic feet of cargo capacity. A new eight-speed transmission maximizes fuel efficiency and overall performance.

Technology Features

The 2024 Ford Transit introduces an array of new technologies. Standard features include SYNC 4 and a 12-inch touchscreen, elevating connectivity and infotainment. Adding an 8-inch digital gauge cluster allows drivers to tailor the display to show pertinent information. A cutting-edge 5G connection ensures quick navigation system performance and enables rapid over-the-air updates. The Delivery Assist system streamlines security tasks, and the Upfit Integration System simplifies equipment control, allowing drivers to monitor refrigeration systems and more via touchscreen controls.

Safety Features

The 2024 Ford Transit emphasizes safety with features like lane-keeping assistance and forward collision mitigation. These advanced driver aids enhance driver confidence and contribute to overall safety on the road. The Delivery Assist technology also automates security tasks, ensuring that the engine stops when the Transit is parked, saving time and enhancing safety during frequent stops. These safety and technology features are designed to make the 2024 Transit a more efficient and secure commercial van for various applications.

2023 Ford Transit

2023 Ford Transit
  • Horsepower:  275 @ 6,250
  • Torque :  260 @ 4,000
  • Transmission type:  10-speed automatic Selectshift


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