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Car buying can be an intimidating process. At Performance Ford Windsor on Provincial Road, the last thing we want is an intimidated customer. Asking these important questions about buying a car - some before you even walk through the door - will boost your confidence and decrease any anxiety.

What Are My Priorities?

Before you settle on a make and model, think through your priorities for the vehicle you are purchasing.

    • How long do I want to own this vehicle? If you’ll want a new vehicle in three years, or if you’re planning to drive this purchase until its wheels fall off (metaphorically speaking), that has a major impact on your purchase.

    • What will I be using this vehicle for? If you have a long commute, you may be looking for excellent fuel economy. If your children have just joined a soccer team, you may need extra cargo room. Or maybe you’re an empty nester and you’re finally purchasing that dream vehicle. Your unique circumstance influences your car buying experience.

    • What should my monthly payment be? If you plan to finance, we recommend you use our payment calculator to figure out an appropriate monthly payment that will fit your budget. Decide on the maximum payment amount you can afford. Your budget determines a good starting point.

What Features Are Standard on the Vehicle?

Terminology is important. Standard features are those that come with the car and do not have any additional cost. Available features are those that can be added to enhance the performance and comfort of the vehicle you are interested in but at additional cost.

Ask your professional salesperson about the standard and available features and decide which ones make sense for you and your budget.

What Safety Features Are Available?

No matter your circumstance, safety is a priority for all. All standard and available safety features for every vehicle are listed online. Our website is a great resource for lots of fact-finding, from the comfort of your favorite chair, before you even come to the dealership.

Once you come in, ask your salesperson about safety features. This may be even more important if you are purchasing for a first-time driver.

Can I Take A Test Drive?

The test drive is one of the most important parts of the car purchasing experience. Once you’ve narrowed down all your options, the test drive is a DON’T-MISS next step. You need to sit in the driver’s seat and put your hands on the actual wheel.

It’s essential that you spend some time driving in the environment where you spend most of your time. If you’re a commuter, you need to get out on the highway. If you spend more time in stop-and-go city traffic, try that out, too.

    • Is the seat comfortable?

    • Are the controls easy to reach?

    • How do you pop the hood? Open the fuel door?

    • How does the vehicle navigate curves?

    • Where is the blind spot? How easily can you see behind you?

A test drive pro-tip: ask to test drive a pre-owned model, identical to the one you’re considering. This gives you a first-hand look into the future wear-and-tear and handling of your vehicle. Believe it or not, this can be a deciding factor!

What Financing Incentives Are Available?

Talking money feels uncomfortable, but don’t let it bother you. Business is business. Next to purchasing a house, car buying is one of the most expensive purchases you can make. Do your homework before you talk about financing.

    • Find out your credit score.

    • Ask your current lender about financing and get pre-approved before walking into a dealership. This creates an incentive for the dealership to find you a better deal.

    • Ask about what incentives and rebates are available. Sometimes, they aren’t all publicized. It never hurts to ask.

    • Ask to see the full purchase agreement BEFORE you sign anything. It may be that the salesperson forgot to remove a feature you aren’t interested in purchasing. Check to be sure there are no fees or services listed on the purchase agreement you weren’t expecting. Most importantly, if you’re unsure about the purchase agreement, ask questions!

Can I Think About It?

This is likely the most important question of the entire car buying experience. You know when you’re ready and you know when you are not. You should never feel rushed or pushed into purchasing a car. Most incentives last throughout a month, and for some there may not be a strict time limit.

After you’ve done your homework and taken your test drive, you will know if you’re ready to purchase. Follow your gut. Take your time. Call on our team at Performance Ford Windsor anytime you have questions. We are here to serve you.

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