Meet our Team

Terry  Rafih
Terry Rafih
Chairman & CEO

Munawwar  Ali
Munawwar Ali
President of Rafih Automotive

Hamoody  Rafih
Hamoody Rafih
VP of Group Sales

Zeyad  Rafih
Zeyad Rafih
VP of Group Fixed Operations

Douglas  Bates, CPA, CA
Douglas Bates, CPA, CA
Chief Financial Officer

Cathy  Pratt
Cathy Pratt
Director of Finance

Greg  Gill
Greg Gill
Director of Sales
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Moe  Hazime
Moe Hazime
General Manager

Mark  Vrecic
Mark Vrecic
New Car Sales Manager

 Ali  Zaidan
Ali Zaidan
Pre-Owned Sales Manager

Frank  Meloche
Frank Meloche
Sales/Leasing New & Used - 60 Years of Experience

Howell  Ricketts
Howell Ricketts
Sales/Leasing New & Used - 10 Years of Experience

Mark  Renaud
Mark Renaud
Sr. Sales Consultant - New & Used - 15Years Of Exp

Jerry  Hartford
Jerry Hartford
Pre-Owned Sales Consultant

Dan  Kachouri
Dan Kachouri
Pre-Owned Sales Consultant - 12 Years of Exp

Wally Kobrosli
Wally Kobrosli
Pre-Owned Sales Consultant

Yasmine  Iskandar
Yasmine Iskandar
Assistant Director of Sales

Tim  Kereliuk
Tim Kereliuk
BDC Manager

Moe  Kabbani
Moe Kabbani
Pre-Owned Sales Consultant

Moe Mourad
Moe Mourad
Sales & Leasing Consultant, 10 Years of Experience

Matt  Brown
Matt Brown
Finance Manager

 Steve  Talbot
Steve Talbot
Financial Services Manager

Sara  Dawson
Sara Dawson
Financial Service Manager

Said  Ammar
Said Ammar
Assistant Controller

Amber  Beneteau
Amber Beneteau
Administrative Assistant

Vanessa  Vilag
Vanessa Vilag
Accounts Receivable

D Mac Donald
D Mac Donald

Patricia Dyksterhuis
Patricia Dyksterhuis

Chris  Robert
Chris Robert
Tower Operator

Firas  Georgei
Firas Georgei
Service Advisor

 Susan  Wright
Susan Wright
Service Advisor

Jovawn Reece
Jovawn Reece
Service Advisor

Joe Kailer
Joe Kailer
Service Manager

Paul  Lewis
Paul Lewis
Parts Advisor

Marketing  Department
Marketing Department
Marketing & Event Sponsorships